Long Term Housing

Shanghai is the city in which to be located, whether you are just starting your career or looking for a change of scenery. With a booming economy and all the amenities of any major city and more, Shanghai is a great place to settle down. Let us help by finding you the perfect accommodation to begin your journey. Based on your requirements, we can find you a great accommodation anywhere in downtown. We can negotiate with the landlord to help you save over time. And with our international multi-lingual after-service, you know that YÔGA will take care of you for your entire stay in Shanghai.


Long-term residents represent around 35% of the clients in our agency. At YÔGA Real Estate, we pride ourselves on really getting to know our clients’ needs so we can provide the best possible service to them, no matter their goals or stage of life. We are here for you.


We are a professional team of over 20 people passionate about apartment hunting and dedicated to provide the best tailor-made service for our clients. We speak English, French, Chinese, Russian and German. Thanks to regular feedback from our clients, we constantly improve the quality of the many different services we provide. The YÔGA team strongly believes that our customers’ satisfaction is the key to success!

Qualified Apartment Search:

Your bilingual international agent can help you find the perfect apartment and location to fit your needs and lifestyle.

Dedicated International Agent:

Many of our agents are expat professionals themselves, so we really understand your needs and can deliver the service you desire.

High Standards Apartment:

Each YÔGA apartment is modern and verified by our team as being good enough for our tenants. Each apartment is fully furnished and equipped, and up to Western standards, giving you peace of mind.

Long Term Contract:

Contracts start at 1-year with the possibility of more time. The simple deposit process is around a 2-months deposit that you get back at the end of your contract term.

Cleaning & Household:

Our cleaning partners provide Western-trained housekeepers who can provide top-quality services in your home, including cleaning, cooking, ironing, and more. Ask us for more information.

24/7 Dedicated Bilingual After-sales Service:

We are here for you for the entirety of your contract. Thanks to the feedback from current clients, we are constantly improving the service.


Experts in Shanghai


Average stay in years


High Standards Apartments


partnerships with expats associations




One way or round trip between the airport and your apartment at a fixed rate.



Learning Chinese is tough, but having a good teacher makes all the difference in the world. We partner with language schools to offer high-quality training at all levels.



There is no better way to get to know the city just after you’ve arrived than a professional tour from people who live and breathe Shanghai’s history.



Mandatory police registration (required within 24 hours of move-in) is one of those things you must do in China. We can assist you with the process to ensure everything remains legal and safe.


Wifi/TV Installation:

Wifi, TV, or other electronics: let us refer our installers to you. No stress, no hassle.



Shanghai is an extremely safe city. Still, we can provide cameras and other security equipment to guarantee you and your belongings remain secure.



Pests: it’s not pretty, but sometimes it happens. If you have a problem, we can help you solve it.



Water filters for faucets, showers, laundry, and drinking. Air filters for clean, fresh air.



Want to transform your student visa to a working visa? Want to change jobs? Just confused about the visa process in general? We have trusted agents who can make it seem simple.


Moving & Packing (local & International)

We can arrange relocation for local and international moves through our relationships with moving companies as well as cleaning and tidying services. Whatever your needs, we can make you move convenient.



If you’re going on holiday and can’t take Fido, we can organize pet sitting services for the duration of your trip.


I am very much pleased of YOGA Team and their excellent services. Highly recommended.

Khalid Jan - Web Developer, 25 years old, Pakistani

Highly recommended. Need Not to be fear in a strange new country. Thank You YOGA Team.

Bran - MBA Student, 30 Years Old, French

YÔGA’s service was quick, professional, and efficient. I handled booking online and moved into my apartment directly after arriving at PVG airport. Great way to start my journey in Shanghai. Thanks YÔGA!!!

Carlin - Business Developer, 24 Years Old, United States

I have searched for flats through several agencies during my time in Shanghai. YÔGA was by far the easiest and best quality service for the cost. I suggest YÔGA.

Sarah - Primary School Teacher, 26 Years Old, South Africa

It was a good experience! I will recommend YÔGA apartments to all my friends. I bought the Zen pack, was nice for my short-term stay in Shanghai. They helped me to get a scooter.

Tiffany - Graphics Designer, 26 Years Old, France

Really, seriously, honestly a nice apartment-hunting experience. Thanks Elina. The apartment I am renting is modern, minimalist, and chic. My housemates are all friendly and the location in Jing’An can’t be beat. GO YÔGA!

Jade - Student, 22 Years Old, France

YÔGA was able to meet all the requirements I had for my apartment search: centrally located, modern design. All was within my budget. YÔGA will help you find the flat you want.

Ralf - Project Manager, 35 Years Old, Germany

My friends and I used YÔGA’s service twice! They helped us to find some nice apartments in central location. The challenge was deciding which apartment is the best!

Lucy - English Teacher, 25 years old, UK

I booked a room in shared apartment through YÔGA before my arrival in Shanghai. I found not only good accommodation but also met the best flat mates ever! I am satisfied with the job they accomplished.

Jose - Business Analyst, 28 Years Old, Chile

YÔGA provided quick service for a nice apartment in a charming part of the city - Huangpu. I moved in and was surprised of how much they took care to follow up and make sure everything was to my liking. I would recommend YÔGA to my friends.

Alva - Art Gallery Assistant, 23 years old, China

Got a nice flat in Jing’an close to L7 Changping Rd. The extra services they offer are a nice perk to the experience. If you’re looking for something a bit more “comprehensive” to your flat search, YÔGA is a safe bet.

Justin - English Teacher, 26 years old, Australia

YÔGA helped me find shared apartment and I made international friends. I am located very close by my working office. Thanks to YÔGA. ?? !

Marina - Primary School Teacher, 24 years old, Russia

I had a great experience with YÔGA agency! Very smooth apartment hunting, high quality after sales service. You can be assure they will find nice options for you.

Cevta - Student, 29 years old, Bulgaria


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