Who are we?

Created in 2012 by an international team, YÔGA has quickly become one of the #1 referenced real estate agencies for expats, students and business people in Shanghai.
We own the biggest city center apartments database, with more than 3000 accommodations in Shanghai.

What do we do?

In June 2016, YÔGA obtained the Investment Company status. So what exactly does this mean for you? Unlike run-of-the-mill real estate agencies, we are able to take care of your needs from the day you contact us until the day you leave.All the leasing process is grouped under a single entity to simplify your stay.

Why do we do it?

Finding a home has never been so easy!.
We know moving to a new country can be a hassle, our main goal is to make your new experience abroad to go as easily and smoothly as possible.

We want you to feel at home even when you’re far from home.

Our brief

Settling down in a new city can be hard, even more so when there are huge language and cultural differences. We are here to make your transition go as smoothly as possible. We’ll find the right home for you and make you feel as comfortable in Shanghai as you do back home.

Our vision

At YÔGA we aim to do more for our customers and we are developing our services and branding. With new apartment designs, new high quality services and a brand new website, we hope that we will satisfy all your needs.

Our services

We offer personalized services to our different customers, and give you the best solutions for your housing’s requirements. Want to know more?

Our values

Great quality: Our quality control department checks every detail of the apartment. All our apartments systematically verified for these points: cleanliness, engineering check, decoration, furnishing, electrical home appliances, internet access.
Customer service: You will find a list of tips and advice in our apartments to help you and our staff will answer you within 24 hours via WeChat.
High client satisfaction: We care about our clients’ experience and are very attached to their feedback. This is how we improve.


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Happy Clients

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